UPCOMING: (2) DAY DOLL AUCTION: Day #2, Sunday, April 23rd, 2023 5353 No. 27th Street Lincoln, NE.

We have posted an updated listing below!

We are selling for the Mary Stahlnecker Estate.

*(3) Automatons*
*Lg. German Santa Candy Container with Huebach Character Boy*
*Gebruder Heubach "George Washington" Riding a Horse Candy Container*

*24" Jullien*

*French Fashions*
*Tete Jumeau*
*(3) SFBJ "Bluettes*

*Kestner VIII*
*Character Dolls*

*German Bisque Dolls*
*German Bisque Baby Dolls*

*21" Glass Eyes Scarf Lady*

*German China Dolls & Parians*
*Doll Furniture & Clothes*
*One of a Kind Dolls*
*Nice Reproduction Dolls*

Sunday, April 23rd, 2023 11:00 AM Preview 9:00 AM
5353 No. 27th Street Lincoln, Nebraska
(Auction held at the Country Inn & Suites--Lower Level)

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Photos have now been posted.  Click on the "View Photos" icon below to access the gallery.  *Please note that not all lots are pictured.


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25” Julien 9, Working Pull String Cryer Box;  25" SFBJ Paris-Jumeau Face;  12” French Bisque marked 5, Belton Head “Bru Type Face”--small hairline;
½” M 3 French Bebe (Likely Bebe Mascotte see p. 35 Jan Foulke);  15" SFBJ Paris "P R";  15" French Bisque marked 10--Straight Wrists;
15 ” French Bisque marked 4--Straight Wrists; 14" French Bisque marked L & 5--Straight Wrists;  15” #10 French Bisque Belton, Pierced ears;
20" DEP 8 Doll, made for the French Market;  18" Steiner Paris--professional repair to face;  17" French Bisque marked 3, Jumeau Bebe Type;
17” F.G. Fashion, Swivel Head; 
21"  French Bisque, Turned Shoulder Head;  17” French Fashion marked 4;  17” Belton Blonde;
15” SFBJ UNIS;  15” Untinted Bisque Shoulderhead Belton;  (3) SFBJ #60 "Bluettes."

AUTOMATONS:   10 1/2" Black Automaton Drummer--in working condition;  14" "Falconer" Automaton, in working condition w/automated Bird;
11 1/2" Automaton Gentleman--in working condition;  RARE 11" German Bisque George Washington Doll sitting on Dappled Horse Candy Container;
18 1/2" Tall Vintage German Paper Pache Santa Claus Candy Container & 11" Bisque Gebruder Heubach Boy on Candy Container Base;
6 1/2" Automaton Child in Pull Carriage.

15” Early Kestner VIII, Pouty face, professionally repaired head;  18” Kestner 171;  12” Bahr Proschild Character Toddler #585;
15” German Bisque, Kling #167 Belton;  23" ABG #639, closed mouth;  16" Gebruder Heubach Character Girl #8192;
14" Gebruder Heubach Character Boy, marked 2;  15" K*R;  20" K*R;  21" Early Kestner M, closed mouth;  21" Kestner M, Turned
Shoulder Head;  19" Early Kestner H, Turned Shoulder Head;  20" Early Kestner 8;  17" Simon Halbig #1010 Bride;
17" Kestner #148 Bride;  16" German Bisque Marked 0 Bride;  18” Marked “ Anchor 2015” with Anchor as a symbol;

21" K*R 117N with Flirty Eyes;  29" Kestner #195;  Kestner, Armand Marseille, Ernst Hebuach, K & K, Heubach Koppelsdorf Dolls;
18" Simon Halbig #1199 DEP Asian Lady--professional repaired.

GERMAN BISQUE BABIES:  22" JDK Hilda Baby--professionally repaired;  Bye-Lo Babies; K*R #126 Babies. 

SMALL BISQUE & ALL BISQUE DOLLS:  5" French Bisque Doll w/Presentation Box;  (Pr) All Bisque Googlie Girls w/Presentation Box;
(Pr) 5 1/4" Girls w/Felt Outfits & Rabbit Ears on Old Stock German Cardboard;  French & German All Bisque Dolls;  Doll House Dolls;
Sm. Piano Baby;  Rosie O'Neill Baby. 


21” Glass Eyed Blue Scarf Girl Parian (ABG likely);  Large Selection of Flat Top, Center Part Chinas; 
12” Flat Top Chinahead “1860 Goday Costume”;  1
3” Dolly Madison parian;  (6) Dollhouse Parian Dolls;
Black & Blond Hair China Heads--ONLY;  6” Half Bisque Doll with Jointed Arms;
6” Half Bisque Doll with Arms Away in colonial costume; Large Selection of Parian Dolls.

MISC:  (3) Schoenhut Dolls;  Schoenhut Baby;  (2) Schoenhut Circus Clown & Lady Acrobat;
Large, Early Mohair Straw Stuffed Bear on Cast Iron Wheels;  Old Grey Wool Donkey Pull Toy on Metal Wheels;
Tin Windup Little Orphan Annie Sandy Dog;  Sm. Nodding Donkey;  Mary Lee Candy's Sand Pail.

REPRODUCTION DOLLS:  Approximately 50 Reproduction Dolls.  (3) Reproduction Mignonettes.

Thank you for attending!
Norman L. Ford – Founder      Gregory A. Ford – Salesman
2000 West Denton Road Lincoln, NE 68523
www.fordfordauctioneers.com or www.fordford.net
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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